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Your Guide to Greek Dessert Wines

If you are looking to mature your palette, start by experimenting with alternative options to beer and liquor. Keep reading below to learn how to pair different wines with your favorite desserts! Although both desserts and wine are seen as dangerous in our diet-culture-filled world, it is important to indulge in these treats occasionally. 

The rise of dry wine – those that are not sweet – makes it feel as if dessert wines and those on the sweeter side are losing steam. But, we know that there are some of you out there that appreciate these sweet wines who are ready to begin indulging yourself. The difference between a dry wine and a dessert wine lies mostly in the flavor. Those dessert wines have a more pronounced flavor and typically higher alcohol content compared to the drier alternative.


How To Pick Your Dessert Wine? 

Dessert wines range from red, white, and pink, and each comes in different flavors and sweetness levels. Another important difference between dessert wine and dry wines, dessert wines are not meant to be consumed in large quantities. Think of the portion size of your dessert compared to your meal – the quantity of wine should match those levels. 

Although the majority of dessert wines are on the sweet side, there is a fair amount of variety within the category. Dessert wines come in a range of styles from sparkling to still, sweet to dry. Contrary to what you may have thought, dessert wines are not just sugary pink wines. They come in many more styles than that. 


Different Types of Dessert Wines & Their Pairing

Dessert wines are the closest resemblance to wine that was consumed by those in Ancient Greece and are held in high regard compared to their counterparts. Below, we will discuss the different types of Greek dessert wines and the popular dessert to try them with! 

Samos: Samos wine is one of the more popular choices when it comes to Greek dessert wines. Samos wine can be bought for inexpensive indulgences but can also be purchased for bigger occasions. We recommend pairing your Samos wine with delicious baklava or any variety of our Greek cheeses.   

Muscat: A semi-sweet grape flavor, Muscat dessert wines come from 4 main regions: Rio Patras, Muscat of Patras, Muscat of Rhodes, and Muscat of Cephalonia. The tastes are decadent and bold and go best with our almond cookies or baklava. 

Vinsanto: Rooted in Santorini, this dessert wine is best paired with caramel, dried fruit, cinnamon, and molasses. With fruit undertones, the caramel and amber tones of this dessert wine cannot be missed. Try it today at Krasi in Boston! 


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