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Which Wine Goes With Your Favorite Meze

The Greek word for wine is Krasi, so it only makes sense that we should provide you with a wine pairing guide when you visit us in Boston, MA. It can be overwhelming to choose which is best for you, so we can help. 

Every Greek table is full of mezes or appetizers. Understanding which wine is best with Greek food can be difficult, it is all about the array of flavors and textures. The wine is meant to complement the dish in a way that doesn’t clash with the flavors but also doesn’t match it enough to blend in with the dish. Try these wine recommendations with the following appetizer dishes! 


Try These Greek Wine Pairings

Taramosalata: The best compliment to these elements is a citrusy wine with minerality. Our recommendation would be an Assyrtiko.

Tzatziki: The fresh-tasting dip needs a wine with a bright character. The best pairing would be a Greek Malagousi0.a

Tirokafteri: The best Greek wine pairing with tirokafteri is Moschofilero to complement the spicy tang it has. 

Fava: Fava spread is usually topped with olive oil and lemon. The earthy flavor of fava would pair best with Dafni, a white wine from Crete.

Spanakopita: The crispy buttery phyllo dough of spinach pie pairs great with a simple white wine from mainland Greece because it has really fresh acidity. A Pinot Grigio would also pair nicely.

Greek Salad: Every meal should start with a Greek salad. The best Greek wine with a Greek salad is Vidiano from Crete. We recommend the Vidiano because it pairs best with vegetarian dishes. Assyrtiko is another natural choice with Greek salad as it pairs nicely with tomatoes and feta cheese, a strong flavor in Greek salads. 


Visit Krasi in Boston, MA

At Krasi in Boston, we can walk you through which wine option would go best with whatever dish you choose. Whether you are vegetarian or like to indulge in luxurious meat options, we can help you find the perfect pairing. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more!

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