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What to Serve At Greek Christmas

In Greece, families take religious holidays and traditions very seriously. They take pride in strong family ties and are full of spirit when it comes to making the most of the festivals. The Christmas holiday season tends to be a joyous time of the year for the Greeks. 

A traditional Greek gathering consists of family and loved ones gathering over traditional courses that hold sentimental value.  Most dishes on the menu are recipes passed down through generations.

If you are looking to add some Greek flavor to your Christmas this year, keep reading! In this article, we have compiled a list of traditional dishes that are common on a Greek Christmas table. In fact, when it comes to Greek Christmas, the day is incomplete without the dishes mentioned below.

Greek Meze Platter

This consists of Greek’s most mouthwatering dips, savory snacks, and flavorful spreads on a serving platter. You won’t find a Greek Christmas gathering without a Meze Platter! From tzatziki and skordalia, all the way to pita bread and potatoes. There is something for everyone to enjoy on the platter.  


Yiaprakia is a traditional dish enjoyed during the Christmas holiday, originally from Northern Greece. This meal is made of cabbage leaves and filled with minced pork alone or in combination with rice, often accompanied by avgolemono sauce. 


Turkey is another popular choice when it comes to feasting on a Greek Christmas. It is the main dish on the table, often stuffed with rice, meat, nuts, and of course, wine. 


This dessert pastry most always makes an appearance on any Greek Christmas table.  Baklava has crusty and rich filo layers stuffed with nuts such as walnuts and pistachios, topped off with either syrup or honey. 

Cretan Rakomelo

Amidst the festive hustle and bustle, wind down with the popular drink, rakomelo. This drink shares a resemblance with mulled wine and is made by combing spices with a dash of honey and tastes best when served hot. 


Pork is an essential part of Christmas dinner, and many families look forward to raising a pig for this day. On Christmas Eve, it is slaughtered, cooked, and served! 


And it is a wrap! If you are someone who struggles when it comes to preparing Greek food, fret not because Krasi has you covered. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will deliver tasty Greek food to your doorstep to create a special holiday dinner. 


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