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What To Do in the Back Bay, Boston, MA

Back Bay Boston is anything but backward. The Boston neighborhood is a place of hustling and bustling, and it is teeming with things to enjoy. Back Bay has everything from amazing architecture to historical hotspots and fantastic food places.

Go On The View Boston Tour

To enjoy Back Bay, you have to see it first. And what better way to see it than high up in the beautiful Boston sky? Boston now has an observatory in the Prudential Tower or, more correctly, on its top 3 floors. The observatory started on the 15th of June, 2023, and people have loved it since then. The tower is the second tallest building in Boston so that you can see all of Back Bay. The experience is as immersive as you can imagine, leaving you feeling literally on top of the world.

Check Out The Library

The Boston Public Library, or BPL as the locals more commonly call it, is one of Back Bay’s finest places to visit. The library gets mostly student visitors and book lovers, but there is something for everyone at the BPL, no matter your interests. The architecture of the building is something also to admire. It is built like a labyrinth of books, but you won’t mind getting lost in it. Another thing about the library is its serene and jaw-dropping courtyard, where you can read a book and feel like everything is right with the world.

See Trinity Church

Whoever said church can’t be beautiful? That person needs to see Trinity Church. This regal, grand, and glorious church is undoubtedly the visual centerpiece of Copley Square, where it stands and “outstands”. Trinity Church is not just beautiful architecture but is decorated with beautiful and soulful murals. Virtually every inch of the church’s wall was hand-painted by professional artists. What’s a grand church without the classic stained glass windows? The Trinity also has its windows decorated with lovely stained glass, improving that grand look. The church is breathtaking in appearance and deserves all the admiration it gets. 

Drinks At Krasi

Do you want to get a taste of Back Bay? Visit Krasi Meze & Wine Bar in the heart of the Back Bay neighborhood. Our menu at Krasi will take you on a tour throughout Greece, exploring lesser-known regions. Our beverage program echoes Krasi’s vision to take guests on a tour through Greece with one of the country’s most extensive Greek wine lists, as well as authentic Greek beer and spirits. To Greeks, wine signifies a moment in life and is a core value of their communication. Join our wine program, and pop into Krasi when you are in town to enjoy some delicious meze and wine to match. 

See the World At The Mapparium

Do you want to see and experience the whole world all at once? If your answer is yes, then the Mapparium will blow your mind.

The Mapparium is the world’s giant walk-in globe, and naturally, it is one of the city’s most exciting masterpieces. It is a breathtaking three-story replica of the world we call Earth. Thirty feet in diameter, and for convenient movement, it has been fitted with a glass bridge that just feels unreal. It is a must-have experience.

Visit Krasi in the Back Bay

Back Bay has a lot to offer you in terms of blissful experiences. There is a lot to do in Back Bay, but if you are looking for the ultimate fun-filled experience, then you need to go to Krasi. Krasi is a place to uncover and rediscover Greece. Krasi is Greek differently. Make reservations today to visit us, and don’t miss out on our Greek wine club

48 Gloucester Street
Boston MA 02115

Monday - Sunday 5-11
Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10-3

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