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Things to Do in the Back Bay of Boston MA

The Back Bay isn’t only known for its iconic historical representation and the fun experience available there! Whether you go shopping or pass through the Pru for work, the Back Bay has the right fun. Being an upscale neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, Back Bay attracts tourists worldwide for shopping, dining, or simply participating in the intriguing culture.


The Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library in Copley Square is a magnificent building with stunning architecture and a vast collection of books. Take some time to browse the books, relax in the reading rooms, or admire the beautiful interior. This is an excellent idea for students or groups of book lovers who want to spend some time together doing what they love. You can even get a free tour of the library to identify architecture, art, and history-based books.


Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Trident Booksellers and Cafe is a must-visit destination in Boston, Massachusetts, offering a delightful blend of literature, dining, and community. It is located in the heart of the Back Bay neighborhood. Trident Booksellers and Cafe are characterized by cozy seating, dimmed lights, and shelves lined with books creating a relaxing ambiance. Trident’s Cafe is a delightful addition to the bookstore, offering a diverse menu of delicious food and beverages. Their menu caters to all tastes, from delicious brunch options and hearty sandwiches to flavorful salads and mouthwatering desserts. 


Fairmount Copley Pizza

Fairmount Copley Pizza is a hidden gem in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood that deserves a visit. This charming pizzeria offers an exceptional dining experience, combining delicious pizza with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Using the finest ingredients and a perfect blend of flavors, their pizzas are a delightful treat for your taste buds. Whether you prefer classic cheese, pepperoni, or a gourmet combination of toppings, these pizzas will satisfy your cravings.


Trinity Church

Trinity Church, located in Boston’s Copley Square, is a magnificent architectural masterpiece. We encourage you to immerse yourself in a historical and spiritual landmark that showcases stunning design, rich history, and a welcoming community. Its distinctive red sandstone facade, intricate carvings, and majestic towers create a visually stunning structure that stands out among Boston’s landmarks.


48 Gloucester Street
Boston MA 02115

Monday - Sunday 5-11
Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10-3

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