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The Guide to Cheese and Wine Pairing

We are here to talk about two of the best things in the world: cheese and wine. With an unlimited selection of each, it can be overwhelming deciding which wines to serve alongside the charcuterie board at your next gathering. Surprisingly, there exists a complicated science behind the pairing of cheese and wine. To derive the most pleasure from the rich flavors in each, read our guide on pairing the two correctly. 

Cheese to Pair with Rich Red Wine

Red wine is considered a heavy wine. Red wine taken with lighter cheeses, such as brie, is not advisable as it easily overpowers the cheese. Taking red wine with cheese requires you to go with stronger, aged cheeses, such as Cheddar, Aged Gouda, or even aged Italian cheeses, like Parmesan, Pecorino, and Grana Padano.  Red wine is perfect for cheese that’s firm and a bit salty. The cheese is enjoyable in bite-size.

Cheese to Pair with Light Red Wine 

Light red wines are made with thin-skinned grapes, resulting in a transparent color, delicate aroma, and slightly lower alcohol content than red wine. The light red wines have aromas of red berries and flowers. It is best consumed with flavored, washed-rind cheese and nutty, medium-firm cheeses. A good example is Gruyere, a nutty cheese, and Taleggio, a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese. A soft-ripened cheese like Brie or Camembert is also compatible with light red wine.

Cheese to Pair with White Wine 

White wines can be consumed with a wide array of cheeses than its counterpart, red wine. The reason is that white wines have no tannin, which makes it much easier to match them with a variety of cheeses. Although, the blue cheese is not compatible with the white wine. When consumed together, it tends to be overwhelming. An excellent example of the classic white wine and cheese match is the goat cheese and Sauvignon wine, prosecco wine and asiago cheese, and so on.

Cheese to Pair with Sweet Dessert Wines

Serving cheese after a meal as dessert is still very much popular in Europe. A popular match is a vintage port and stilton. Unlike the white wine, the vintage port will go with even the stinkiest of blue cheese. So, why does the vintage port go so well with the blue cheese?

The reason is as the Vintage Port ages, the tannins soften, and the acidity lessens, which exposes a much sweeter tasting wine. The sweet taste of the dessert wine complements and shapes a stinky cheese.

Come Into Krasi for Cheese and Wine!

The best way to find the perfect combination is with trial and error. So grab your favorite cheeses and wines and start taste testing! Visit us at Krasi in Back Bay to try our selection of authentic Greek and cheese and wine. Our staff will give you their expert input and recommendations to make your decision easier. So make a reservation online or give us a call at 617.536.0230

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