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Popular Greek Seafood Dishes You Should Try

Greece is home to a lot of different seafood delicacies. The typical Greek citizen doesn’t play when it comes to their feeding and thus takes great care in preparing and consuming seafood. This blog will look at some of the most famous Greek seafood options and how they can be designed.



This delicacy is very popular in Greece and some parts of turkey. Pickling raw fish, prepare this dish alongside steaks of mature Atlantic bonito. After the fish must have been cleaned properly, the thick slices of fish are either dry salted or covered with a salty brine before they are eventually stored in vegetable oil.



This traditional dish is a Greek fisherman’s soup. The soup can be prepared using the leftovers from a daily catch. Other ingredients such as onions, garlic, vegetable oil, and potatoes are also used in the soup. It is rumored that fishermen add a small amount of seawater to the soup, which gives it a unique taste. The modern version of the soup isn’t prepared with the cheapest kind of fish as it was in the past. The new recipes, however, are still very versatile, and they involve replacing fish with other seafood options such as crabs, herbs, shellfish, tomatoes, celery, and carrots.


Marides tiganites

This Greek seafood delicacy is prepared using little bits of sliced-up white bait fish lightly dusted with flour. The fish is then placed into boiling oil and fired until a golden brown color is achieved. Being fried into tiny pieces, the dish is usually served and eaten whole in one sitting. Marides can also be served alongside other Greek starters, but they can also be consumed alone as a meal. After its preparation, it can be topped using a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime and a little olive oil.


Garides saganaki

Don’t worry; I can assure you that the dish isn’t as complicated as the name. This classic seafood dish uses shrimp, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. This popular dish was named after the sagani, a small, two-handled pan for preparing one-pot meals. In restaurants, this is usually served as an appetizer to a main course meal or served on the sides with bread.



This is a Greek dish with Codfish as its main ingredient. The word can be made with both fresh and saltwater Cod. Cod fritters are usually served in restaurants as a meze dish. It can be prepared in various ways, so you can’t go wrong when it comes to Bakaliaros. This masterpiece is suited for any time of the year. Still, Greeks especially eat it on March 25th every year to commemorate the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and the War on independence.

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