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Our Guide to Greek Wine

Wine production in Greece dates back over 6,500 years ago, making it one of the oldest known producers in the world. Many of the wine-making methods we know today actually originated from the ancient Greeks. Wine not only made an impact on Greek culture, but it also played an important role during the times of city-states in ancient Greece. The Greeks used their new grape creation as a trading opportunity with neighboring city-states and countries. These techniques were then passed down to countries that we think of as wine capitals of the world today, such as Italy and France. The Greek’s wine methods quickly spread throughout the world; however, modern Greek wines are not as prevalent in the United States today. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to try the fantastic wines that come from Greece. Here are a few of the most popular Greek wines. 


This wine is crafted in the Peloponnese region of Greece but has significantly impacted wine culture throughout the country. You can compare Moschofilero to a Moscato or Pinot Grigio because of the light flavor. Moscholilero is described to have a sweet, fruity flavor with hints of flowers and toasted nuts. If you are a light wine drinker, this Greek white from Peloponnese is a must-try! Moschofilero pairs excellently with light meals such as a mid-day salad or sandwich. 


This delicious white is one of the most popular wines all over the country of Greece today. Assyrtiko originated on a tiny island called Cyclades – Santorini, with volcanic-like soil that caused these grapes to flourish. This wine is another easy-to-drink white wine that highlights intense lemon flavors. Assyrtiko leaves you with a slightly bitter aftertaste and a hint of salt. This white wine is commonly paired with seafood dishes.


Xinomavro is one of Greece’s most famous red wines. It was initially produced in Naoussa, and the grape plants thrive in rich clay soils. This more complex wine has a dark cherry flavor mixed with allspice and licorice notes. The higher acidity of Xinomavro makes it more delicious the longer you let it age. This Greek wine is often compared to Nebbiolo and Barolo of Italy. This wine pairs well with cheese plates or red meat. 

Krasi Wine Bar 

Here at Krasi, we are proud to offer a vast selection of red, white, sparkling, rose, and orange wines straight from Greece. Our wine list is constantly changing to bring the best quality Greek wines right here to Boston, Massachusetts. Come into Krasi to experience a wine tour of traditional wine from Greece. 

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