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Our Favorite Dishes in Back Bay, Boston

Renowned for its charming alleyways lined with grand Victorian brownstones, Boston’s Back Bay is considered by many to be one of America’s most picturesque areas. As you admire the magnificent buildings, you are somehow reminded of Paris. It may be difficult to imagine that just two centuries ago, this region was nothing more than a bay that becomes a marshy flat at low tide.

Here are some things you should try at Krasi in the Back Bay.


Seafood Dishes

Krasi has a handful of delicious seafood dishes inspired by the Mediterranean seas. If you visit Krasi in the Back Bay, try some of these dishes:

Lavraki: cured sea bass tartare, caviar, Greek yogurt, shallots, cucumber, and capers
Xydato: vinegar-marinated squid, crispy tentacles, Jimmy Nardellos, and squid ink
Xtapodi: octopus loukaniko, gigantes, spiced tomato, and smoked feta
Bourdeto: fresh catch, onion, garlic, red pepper, trahanas, and spicy tomato broth
Tsipoura: grilled seabream, kritamo ladolemono, shaved fennel, and radish


Cheeses & Dips

Cheese and dips are a traditional Greek mezze to start the meal off right. At Krasi, we have plenty of different cheese and dip options. Our cheeses include Metsovone, Graviera, Manouri, Ladotyri, and Kasseri. Some of our favorite dips include tzatziki, a Greek yogurt dip with cucumbers, dills, garlic, and salt; skordalia, a roasted cauliflower dip with garlic; and taramosalata, with black garlic, white tarama, coriander, and radish.


Greek Desserts

Everyone’s favorite course has to be the desserts. We have a few different dessert options stemming from Greek history and traditions. Served with coffee and tea, these desserts cannot be missed:

Sokolatopita Sundae: flourless chocolate cake, halva ice cream, tahini caramel, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and candied walnuts.
Trigona: glazed phyllo triangle filled with vanilla pastry cream and pistachio
Portokalopita: orange phyllo cake, syrup, and a side of manouri ice cream


Visit Krasi in the Back Bay

Krasi is located in the Back Bay and has a menu of off-the-beaten-path with natural wines from the islands. Krasi tells the lesser-known stories of Greece, one way the concept strives to evoke the cultural idea of philoxenia. You will find wines that have never been poured in Boston and a unique bottle of assyrtiko from the producer Gaia, which has been submerged in the Aegean Sea for five years. Visit us today to get started.


48 Gloucester Street
Boston MA 02115

Monday - Sunday 5-11
Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10-3

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