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Greek Dips and Fresh Breads

If you have ever been to Greece or even dined at a Greek restaurant, you know how heavily dips and bread are incorporated into the cuisine. A typical Greek meal consists of an appetizer of delicious fresh bread used to soak up various flavorful dips. Krasi Meze and Wine in Boston, MA, is a great place to visit if you are interested in trying these authentic appetizers. Here are a few of the bread and dips that Greece is known for. 


Tzatziki is one of the dips that you will find on any Greek dinner table. This versatile sauce can be put on gyros, used as a dip for meat, or soaked up with a warm pita. The ingredients typically found in tzatziki are yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt, and olive oil. Krasi offers a “make it yourself” tzatziki option where guests can take part in creating this delicious dip. 


Htipiti is another popular dip that pairs wonderfully with most Greek foods. The incredible flavor of this sauce is created by whipping feta cheese with roasted red peppers and olive oil. The whipped feta makes this dip light and fluffy, perfect for spreading on bread. Krasi’s version of Htipiti combines feta, red peppers, boukovo, and crispy chicken skins. 


Greeks take baking very seriously, and their bread reflects this. Lalangia is unique to Greece and is made by frying thin dough strands. The recipe is straightforward yet creates a delicious dipping bread to pair with your meal. Krasi makes lalangia with thyme and serves it warm with honey and butter. 


If you are gluten intolerant, you will love this bread option! Charoupi is a gluten-free bread commonly found in Crete, made with carob, pomegranate molasses, and sea salt. Krasi serves this bread with honey and olive oil. 

Dine With Krasi

Here at Krasi, we are proud to bring traditional Greek cuisine to our guests here in Boston, Massachusetts. Our chefs are determined to create authentic dishes to make you feel like you are dining in Greece. Come join us for a cultural experience of good food, good conversation, and delicious wine! 


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