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Grecian Goodies: The Origin of Greek Desserts

Desserts are eaten in all parts of the world, and each region has its unique specialty. The Grecian love for food is well-known; we love to cook, eat the food we prepare, and spread our love through our food. Greek desserts are sure to fill your heart with warmth. Here are some of our favorite desserts and where they originate from.



The bougatsa is a Greek pastry that can be sweet or savory – whichever you prefer. It is made with phyllo dough wrapped around a sweet custard-like filling. It is then baked, dusted with powdered sugar or cinnamon, cut into pieces, and served warm. After most Greek immigrants established themselves in Macedonia after the Greek-Turkish War of 1922, it is believed that bougatsa originated in this region. 



The word Baklava made its way from Turkey, although the dessert is often believed to be from Greece. The history of this dish isn’t well-chronicled, but many believe that the Assyrians were the first to combine a few layers of thin dough with chopped nuts and honey. In the early days, Baklava was baked on special occasions and considered a food for the wealthy until the mid-19th century. The Greek seamen and traders traveling east to Mesopotamia soon discovered the Baklava and brought the recipe to Athens.


Almond Cake 

The ancient Greeks incorporated a lot of nuts and honey into their desserts. In those days, wheat and other protein-rich grains were scarce and used only to make bread, using different ingredients for desserts and sweet treats. Almonds and walnuts were available in large quantities in the arid landscapes of Greece. Ancient Romans referred to almonds as ‘Greek nuts,’ as they were first cultivated here. Unsurprisingly, several Greek desserts like tortes and cakes feature almonds as the prominent flavor.


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The best thing about delving into the origins of a particular food is that you realize the cuisine’s character and the influences associated with it, making eating them even more pleasurable. If you want to enter the world of Greek desserts, consider visiting Krasi in Boston, MA, today. We have different options to choose from and pair with any of our delicious dessert wines. Visit us today or visit our website to make reservations. 


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