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Eat Your Way Through Greece

If you’re heading on a vacation in Greece, on of the top things to look forward to is the cuisine! The food and wine in Greece are astounding, and the culinary culture is something to experience. The classic Greek cuisine served across Greece is something to try! Continue reading to learn the best things to eat through Greece.


Cheese in Greece has been produced since at least the 8th century BC! Today, cheese is a main aspect to the Greek culture and diet. When visiting Greece, you’ll often find that cheese accompanies every meal. Learn about some of the Greek cheese you must try while in Greece.


Greece’s most popular cheese, with a tangy and salty taste. The only real feta cheese is produced in Greece using traditional methods. Feta is made from sheep’s milk cheese and sometimes goat’s milk. Feta is an aged cheese. When in Greece, you must try a “real” feta cheese!


Another popular cheese variety that is made from sheep, goat, or cow’s milk! The flavor profile of Graviera ranges from sweet and buttery, to nutty as it ages. This cheese is available across Greece, but most popular varieties are produced in Crete.


Olives and olive trees are all throughout Greece. Most of the olive groves are found in the Peloponnese and on Crete but, you’ll find olive trees in the main lands and islands as well! When eating in Greece you will most likely find olives at nearly every meal. They are sometimes cooked into a dish but are frequently in a meze or a table snack! Greece is known for their black Kalamata olives which are named after the Kalamata region in the Peloponnese. These are the most famous export and are often preserved in vinegar and olive oil. The most common green olives in Greece are Nafplion olives, named after the region where they grow. These olives are delicious and a must try while in Greece!


When eating your way through Greece, add some wine in there too! Perhaps, plan a trip to go wine tasting to sip on some authentic Greek wine. Greek wines tend to be acidic (tart) and tannic (dry), with a lower alcohol content. Also, may Greek wines are made from lesser-known grapes. Greece is known for their winemaking and actually has one of the oldest winemaking traditions in the world!

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