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Best Greek Food to Try in Boston, MA

A culinary experience awaits in the heart of Boston, as the city is home to an array of excellent Greek cafes that transport guests to the sun-soaked vistas of the Aegean. Boston’s bustling Greek cuisine scene gives food connoisseurs a thrilling trip where traditional flavors mix with modern touches to produce a gourmet experience. The numerous and savory choices taste Greece right in the heart of Massachusetts, from classic souvlaki to exquisite moussaka. Let’s delve into various Greek foods you should try in Boston, Massachusetts.

Krasi’s Sokolatopita Sundae 

Krasi has a handful of delicious dishes inspired by the Mediterranean seas. If you visit Krasi in the Back Bay, indulge in the sokolatopita sundae of flourless chocolate cake, halva ice cream, tahini caramel, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and candied walnuts. Everyone’s favorite course has to be the desserts. We have a few different dessert options stemming from Greek history and traditions.

Greco Spanakopita

Greco in Boston’s Downtown Crossing is a must-visit for Greek comfort food with a modern twist. Their spanakopita, a traditional spinach and feta pie wrapped in flaky phyllo pastry, is a savory delicacy that embodies Greek home cuisine. The layers of phyllo add the ideal crunch to the creamy and delicious filling. Greco’s dedication to excellent ingredients and creative tweaks elevates their spanakopita to the forefront of the city’s Greek culinary scene.

Committee Ouzeri + Bar’s Grilled Octopus

For those looking for a more adventurous Greek culinary experience, Committee Ouzeri + Bar in the Seaport District serves a delectable Grilled Octopus that is both tender and tasty. This entrée, charred to perfection and served with capers, olives, and an olive oil drizzle, exemplifies the restaurant’s commitment to presenting the robust and diverse flavors of Greek cuisine in a modern and friendly environment.

Visit Krasi in the Back Bay Today 

Embark on an adventure via the flavors of Greece, where every meal is a journey to the Mediterranean. Visit Krasi in the Back Bay, a hidden gem that embodies the spirit of traditional Greek dining with a contemporary twist, to truly immerse yourself in the richness of Greek cuisine. Krasi, located in the Back Bay, is your entryway to an outstanding food experience. The menu, which includes savory moussaka and delectable souvlaki, pays attention to the authenticity of Greek flavors while providing a modern and friendly setting.

48 Gloucester Street
Boston MA 02115

Monday - Sunday 5-11
Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10-3

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