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Best Greek Desserts

A great meal is never complete without dessert! Greek cuisine offers you delicious, mouth-watering sweet treats that you will have to try. From cookies to cakes, Krasi Boston has the Greek desserts you can’t pass up. Please continue reading below to learn more about the best Greek desserts that will leave you wanting them all!


A well-known, syrup-soaked cake that you have to try! Portokalopita is blended with orange and cinnamon flavors serving you with a fresh, sweet orange phyllo cake, syrup and topped off with kaimaki ice cream. This treat will fill your sweet tooth craving and will leave you wanting more of this traditional Greek dessert!


A traditional Greek sweet treat known as amygdalota is delicious cookies made with almonds and served alongside Merenda, tahini, and cherry spoon sweet. Amygdalota is a dessert that symbolizes new beginnings in Greece. These cookies are one of the best Greek desserts filled with sweets and lots of meaning. This is a must-try dessert at Krasi Boston!


This wonderful Greek dessert is one for chocolate lovers! Kormos is a no-bake, chocolate dessert made with crushed biscuits that are bound together. This delicious dessert is known to take the form of “salami” as it is bound together with its sweet ingredients. Kormos is served sweet, koufeto ice cream. A Greek treat even the non-chocolate lovers can’t say no to!


Another well-known Greek dessert, diples. This treat is made with dough that is rolled into thin strips, fried in hot oil, and are covered in walnuts and syrup for a sweet finish. Diples are a traditional dessert that can be found throughout Greece. The perfect, light, and crispy fried pastries are commonly served on special occasions but are a fantastic dessert to try when you have the chance! 


A “Greek donut” is what loukoumades are. These deep-fried donut balls are a famous, and historic sweet treat in Greece. They are served perfection with honey, sugar, or chocolate on top, making for a delicious, crispy dessert!

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