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Activities to Do in Boston, MA This Fall

Fall is a beautiful season with accents of orange, brown, and hints of red. It’s the ideal blend of winter breeziness and summer warmth. Boston’s autumn is the most beautiful example of how fall is supposed to look, and its locals and tourists from all over go out to have fun and do activities to highlight their time in Boston. When you are in Boston, there are many traditional ways to celebrate the incoming fall, like apple picking, leaf peeping, pumpkin picking, and the list goes on.

However, there are more opportunities in Boston to make memories. While there is an abundance of traditional fall festivities to indulge in, some non-traditional ways provide just as much fun, if not more. Don’t forget to visit Krasi for a delicious Greek dinner after a long day in the city! 


Go On Walking Tour

Summer is not as fun, and neither is winter. Only spring and autumn are where locals and tourists have the most fun. Walking tours are a relatively famous activity in Boston; this city tour gives you a chance to peer into the history of Boston without it becoming a boring lesson. 

It gives you a chance to learn about famous architectural buildings. It also gives you an insight into the ambiance and atmosphere of the people. People can choose from various walking tours in Boston if they are new to Boston and want to learn more about its places and history.



Whale-watching is the most fun in September and October. These two months are best for whale-watching in Boston Harbor and Massachusetts. In Boston Harbor Cruises, you get an excellent location for sighting the whales and learning fun facts about them. 

It’s a great way to have educational fun where learning about whales feels fascinating instead of tedious. And the experience of watching the whales while the leaves change colors is unmatched.


Go Apple-Picking

Apple picking is the classic autumn activity that you need to indulge in. Once you start apple-picking, the day can fly by, and you won’t notice until dark. The fun and yummy apples are reason enough for people to commit to a full day of this adventure. 

There is a spot called Honey Pot Orchards; it’s a forty-five-minute drive from Boston, which is an excellent opportunity for you to grab your friends and decompress from the bustling city. It’s a reprieve from city life with its many farm activities such as hay-riding, apple-picking, visiting farm animals, etc.

Visit Krasi Today

When spending time in Boston and its fall season, you must indulge in these activities. They are an excellent opportunity to bond with new people or reconnect with old friends. After a long day around Boston, MA, visit Krasi for a delicious Greek meal. Contact us today for more information.

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