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Popular Brunch Options in Back Bay

Boston is a popular brunch destination, like many other cities. With many places to choose from, indulge yourself in exquisite Greek cuisine for brunch this weekend. You can try many Greek dishes–these are filled with nutrients to start your day. 

Traditional Greek breakfast usually consists of bread, eggs, porridge, fruits, yogurts, and other healthy ingredients. At Krasi, we put a twist on the traditional breakfast dishes to bring you authentic, unique Greek brunch cuisine.

The following are some traditional Greek Breakfasts to try out:-

Honey and Yoghurt

Greek and yogurt is a heavy breakfast combo you should try out. It is a creamy textured probiotic that can be paired with soft homemade bread or eaten alone. You can add almonds or fresh fruits to your bowl of honey and yogurt for extra nutrients. At Krasi, we offer Yiaourti Me Meli, made with Greek yogurt, honey, sour cherry spoon sweet, and candied walnuts. 


Spanakopita is a classic Greek dish made with phyllo dough, a thin unleavened dough used in Balkan and Greek cultures for making pastries. These are then filled with spinach, leeks, feta, egg, dill, and olives. A classic option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, try our take at Krasi in the Back Bay. 

Greek Tsoureki 

Another filling Greek breakfast dish to try out is the Tsoureki. This Greek holiday bread is typically baked and served during Easter. That being said, it is popular year-round, and here at Krasi, we use it for french toast, made with kataifi crumble, cranberry-orange spoon sweet, and maple whipped cream. 

Avga Me Patates

If you are craving something simple, try a classic potato with eggs, also known as avga me patates. This dish originated in Cyprus and is a simple dish of potatoes and eggs, although it can have many variations. At Krasi in the Back Bay, we serve ours with sunny-side-up eggs, Souza, goat cheese cream, and shredded potatoes. Visit us today to give it a try.  

Why you should visit Krasi  

If you would love to try these Greek breakfast dishes, visit Krasi in the Back Bay. Krasi offers traditional Greek brunch dishes that feel like home. Make reservations to call us before or after a long shopping day on Newbury St. in the Back Bay of Boston, MA. 

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