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bougatsa doughnut semolina custard, phyllo flakes, powdered sugar, cinnamon 12

yiaourti me meli Greek yogurt, honey, sour cherry spoon sweet, candied walnuts 10

rizogalo coconut milk rice pudding, chia seeds, almond and apricot granola 12

tsoureki merenda, kataifi crumble, orange spoon sweet, whipped cream 12 per slice

dips tzatziki, fava, taramosalata, sourdough 16

tost sourdough, seasonal mushrooms, maidanosalata, mizithra 14 add fried egg +2

solomo smoked salmon, lemon-dill manouri cream cheese, boiled egg, caper berries, shallot toursi, koulouri 16

halloumi spice roasted carrots, hot honey, puffed rice 14

spanakopita 100-layer phyllo, spinach, leeks, feta, egg, dill oil, dehydrated kalamata olives 14

peinirli tomato, pepper, onion, Metsovone, sunny-side-up egg 12

strapatsada tomato and feta scramble, mushrooms, frigania toast 16

omeletta eggs, potato, herbs, kasseri, cured loukaniko 18

avga me patates sunny-side-up eggs, louza, goat cheese cream, shredded potatoes 18

souvla Greek rotisserie, changes daily mkt


loukaniko grilled pork and leek sausage 8
patates fried lemon wedge potatoes, lemon yogurt 10
microsalata frisee, radish, mache, ladolemono 6

chering is caring



krasi mimosa
Greek bubbles, mango juice, dill 10
make it a pitcher 48

zeus’ lovers
Greek bubbles, tsai tou vounou, pear, cinnamon 12

bloody mitsos
mastiha, housemade bloody mix, spicy feta olives, chicken skin 12
FIX it +4

rakomelo spritz
tsikoudia, honey, cinnamon, cloves, retsina, Greek bubbles 13

pandora’s box
mastiha, Zoe red wine, blueberry juice, orange peel, nutmeg, bay leaf 13

spiked frappe
Metaxa, Nescafe, vanilla syrup 14

greek negroni
grilled pineapple infused tsipouro, Otto’s vermouth, Bonanto 16

New Wine,
Ancient Prices

In ancient Greece, when folks brought friends
around to drink, the wine was free. Now we can’t
do that, we have rent and electricity to pay.
What we can do is offer $20 carafes hand picked
by us, your friends. Not free, but pretty close. Also,
Betty White is Greek. “The more you know….”

$20 Carafes of wine 


Scan for the full wine list 

48 Gloucester Street
Boston MA 02115

Monday - Sunday 5-11
Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10-3

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*Please note for the enjoyment of our guests, we are a text only restaurant during dining hours.
Phone lines are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or via text during normal business hours.

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