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How To Know Which Cheese Is Right For You?

Lengthy cheese menus can be overwhelming for beginners in the charcuterie board world. Understanding different textures, scents, tastes, and what your palette prefers is daunting but critical when it comes to choosing the right cheese board for you. Here we have put together a few different steps to take when choosing the right cheese for you. 


Know What You Like

Cheese is categorized based on the different textures and tastes. It is important to know the adjectives that best describe your ideal chees. Fresh cheeses are often milky, tart, and mild, whereas words for bloomy rind cheese are rich, dense, and creamy. Washed rinds have that funky smell and strong boozy taste. Harder cheeses like cheddars and goudas, can sometimes be described as sweet, and nutty, paired best with jam or fruit. Understanding the different tastes and which is your favorite is key when communicating with your server about which is right for you. No matter what, you’ll always find helpful guidance when asking about cheese at Krasi in Boston. 


Have an Open-Mind

Cheese is not as predictable as things like wine and bread. Wine often allows you to trust past experiences in order to know what you will like in the future. With cheese, the milk type, region, or season all have an impact on the taste of the cheese – even if it says cheddar on the menu it may not be the cheddar that you know and love from the grocery store. It’s hard to make generalizations about what cheese will taste like based on its year, season, or provenance, so have an open mind when trying out the cheese bar down the road or picking out cheese for your homemade charcuterie board.


Communication is Key! 

Discussing with those around you and the server at whichever restaurant you choose is an excellent way to find what you like. Cheese connoisseurs are always looking to help others find what they enjoy best, so don’t be shy. Cheeses can change from week to week or even month to month, and certain cheese may surprise you with its excellence. Asking and educating yourself about cheese will help guide you in selecting your own.


Challenge Yourself

Lastly, don’t be shy when ordering your cheese plate. You will always want a range of styles on the plate that you design, with dips and crackers to go with it. Challenge yourself with the combinations and tastes that you choose. These steps will give you some guidance as to which cheese is right for you and how to get there. At Krasi in Boston, we have a variety of different cheese plate options for you to choose from, paired with the best wine in town. Visit us today, or see our menu to view more! 

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