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Visiting Greece? Try These Cocktails This Summer!

One of the best things about taking a trip to Greece is their impressive array of cocktails, and it would be a shame to go to Greece and not get a taste of their drinks. That said, since most trips are where you feel you don’t have time to try everything, we’ve taken time to sift through your beverage options to make your choices easier. So, here are some of the best Greek cocktails for your summer vacation.



The Ouzito is the Greek version of the mojito and is as glorious as advertised. Its base is Ouzo, which is Greece’s national drink and is either grain or grape-based. Ouzo has licorice undertones to its flavor and is a sweet drink, and packs a steady punch with a 37.5% proof minimum. Therefore, the Ouzito cocktail doesn’t need additional syrup for sweetness, making the cocktail more grounded and less complicated.



Rakamelo is also an excellent drink to have once you’re in Greece. It contains Greek liquor mixed with honey and spices and doesn’t involve much else. However, it is solid and flavorful enough that any additional ingredients would ruin the entire mix unless you add in some chilled sparkling water or pour it over vanilla ice, both of which are options you should try.


Mastiha Cocktail Winter Solstice

This drink is one of the most iconic cocktails you’ll ever have in Greece. It is made using Mastiha, adding a distinct aroma and resin flavor added with some syrup over rye whiskey. It pairs well with citrus flavors such as lime or lemon juice. It has just enough kick to get your buzz going but is still light enough to enjoy slowly and deliberately on a summer evening.


Apollo Cooler

This cocktail blend is an excellent option for summer vacation. It is a cocktail mix of Ouzo, Metaxa, and ginger ale. The Ouzo adds the kick and herbal flavor tones, the Metaxa acts as the aromatic and bold base, while the ginger ale adds a zest to the drink that has a way of lifting your spirits, especially as you enjoy the warm summer sun or after a tiring day.


Greek Goddess Mastiha Margarita

This is the cocktail of choice when you’re looking for a classy selection of drinks. The drink is very well-balanced but easy and fast to prepare, making it a favorite for many. It is made using Mastiha liquor for those sweet, herbal, and streamlined notes mixed with pomegranate molasses, which adds an acidic punch to the taste, and lime for the finish.


Greece offers a broad selection of cocktail drinks, and like most things with the Greeks, many of their drinks are bold, flavorful, and aromatic. Don’t be afraid to try many unknown drinks you encounter on your trip.

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