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Traditional Greek Appetizers

Greek appetizers bring so much to the table, including mouth-watering delights. There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding which appetizer you want to indulge in. Greek cuisine is filled with delicious flavors that you need to try! In this post, you will be learning about traditional Greek appetizers; continue reading for more information.


A favorite traditional Greek appetizer is spanakopita. This flaky phyllo pastry appetizer has all the flavors you’re looking for. The buttery, flaky phyllo pastry is stuffed to perfection with a delightful and creamy spinach and feta filling. Spanakopita is baked until it has the perfect golden look that is accompanied by an even better taste. This traditional appetizer is a must-try!

Meze Platter

Krasi Boston serves up all the cheeses, meats, bread, and dips served on a traditional Greek meze platter. A loaded platter filled with delicious flavors from the fresh-baked bread to the make-it-yourself tzatziki. You will experience the mouth-watering tastes of the Greek meats, cheeses, and more! This is a traditional Greek appetizer you do not want to skip!


Tzatziki is a dip that you will want to eat with everything. This dip is made with Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill, garlic, and sea salt. All of these flavors combine into a fresh, creamy dip that is served with sourdough bread. If you’re looking for a classic, perfect Greek dip, this is the one for you! Krasi Boston offers you to make it yourself, which makes the experience even better!

Greek Meatballs

These meatballs aren’t your typical meatballs; they’re packed with plenty of flavors. Greek meatballs are typically made with ground lamb seasoned with lemon zest, oregano, and feta before being cooked. After they’re cooked to perfection, they are usually served with a cooling, fresh sauce such as tzatziki.


As you may know, Greeks are known for their amazing dips. Htipiti is a whipped feta dip that is deliciously made with roasted red peppers, boukovo (paprika flakes), and crispy chicken skins! All of these fantastic flavors create a spicy and creamy dip that you will want with everything.

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