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Tips for Choosing Wine to Have With Dinner

When choosing to have wine with your dinner, you most likely pick your wine based on the food you’re eating. You will want to select a wine that pairs well with your main course, appetizers, and dessert. There are endless wine options to choose from to have with your dinner. In this post, you will learn tips on choosing the perfect wine to have with dinner! 


Upon choosing your wine to have with dinner, you should consider your wine preferences. Whether you like red or white, prefer a particular varietal, country of origin, etc. If you are well experienced with wine, you will want to find the perfect fit based on your preferences. After considering wine preferences, you can pick the wine to have with your dinner. There is no shame in not being able to decide if you want red or white; you can always have both! To accommodate different tastes and preferences, having two different wines may be best for dinner. 

Pairing With Food

A great way to choose a wine to have with your dinner would be to match the wine with the food being served. Specific wines pair best with certain food dishes. For example, for a light, fresh dish, going for a full-bodied red wine may not be the best choice. Or, having a heavy plate would overpower the flavors of a delicate white wine. Based on your dinner, choosing a wine will be more simple. Typically, red wines are a good choice for the main course, while white wines match appetizers and desserts. Having the wines taste match rather than be overpowered by the flavoring of the food is ideal.

Acidic Wines

If you’re choosing an acidic wine, it is best to pair this with acidic foods as well. Wines such as Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, etc., have a high degree of acidity, which pairs well with acidic dishes including citrus, tomato, fish, and more! High acidic wines pair well with fatty or oily dishes as well. 

Sweet Wines

Selecting a sweet or semi-sweet wine to pair with your salty dinner dish is the perfect match! Pairing sweet and salty creates the ideal balance. Sweet wines such as Riesling, Moscato, Chardonnay, etc., work well with salty food dishes.

Pairing Regions

Of course, pairing wines and foods that come from the same region is a good idea! If you’re having a Greek dish from Krasi Boston, you should also have a classic Greek wine to match. Wines from different regions are known to pair well with the food from that region as well; give it a try! Visit Krasi in Boston to pair Greek food and wine!

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