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Popular Wine to Try This Summer

Are you a wine lover? Are you a wine connoisseur want-to-be? If so, the summer is the perfect time to try new wines to see what you like—and what you don’t. Summer wines are lighter and airier and are often a great introduction to the broader world of wine tastings, wine, food pairings, and much more. So, what wines should you try this summer? We’ve got a list for you!

What to Look for in a Summer Wine

Before we give away the list of our favorite wines for you this summer, let’s talk briefly about what makes a good summer wine. And let’s talk about the best pairings to look for to maximize the wine’s taste and the experience’s joy.

When selecting a summer wine, look for those known for being refreshing and light. Great choices include rosés, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, which typically have crisp and fresh profiles. These wines often have tasting notes of citrus, peach, or tropical fruit, which is welcome when the heat is climbing.

Rosé is a quintessential summer wine. It pairs wonderfully with light salads, grilled chicken, and seafood, enhancing the freshness of these dishes. Want to change it up? Drop in an ice cube. Trust us—this is a thing!

Sauvignon Blanc has an acidic crispness and herbal undertone, which makes it a good match for dishes like goat cheese tart, ceviche, or summer vegetable stir-fries. With its broader texture and often a hint of oak, Chardonnay pairs nicely with more decadent seafood like lobster or cream-based pasta dishes.

Lighter summer options such as Pinot Noir and Chianti are ideal for those who prefer reds. These wines are less tannic and often carry bright berry notes, making them suitable for slightly heartier meals, such as grilled pork or pasta with a tomato-based sauce. Choosing a summer wine is about finding a balance that enhances the drink and the dining experience, making each meal memorable.

Ready to Try Your Next Favorite Wine?

Whether you love wine, are highly experienced in identifying the notes in a wine, or want to learn, we’re happy to help. Visit Krasi Wine Bar in the Back Bay this summer to try some of the best wines. We can’t wait to see you.

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