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Popular Greek Spirits To Try This Holiday Season

Vacations in Greece are not the same without sampling the famous alcoholic beverage history of the Greek people. Ouzo, Raki, Tsipouro, and Masticha are some of the most common Greek spirits in the country’s bars and restaurants. In this article, we look at the best of the best indigenous beverages you can try this holiday season.



It’s impossible to speak of Greek alcoholic beverages without mentioning Ouzo. It is widely acknowledged globally as the number one alcoholic beverage of the Greek people. Traditionally, Ouzo is produced with aniseed, cinnamon, fennel seeds, ginger, coriander, water, ice, and grapes. Today this drink has approximately 300 distinct varieties. But the most incredible recipes are produced via a distillation process. It is excellent and combines well with numerous beverages.

To get the best taste of this nationally protected beverage, we recommend you consume it ice cold.



Another beverage produced with grapes on our list is Tsipouro. If you’ve enjoyed Italian Grappa, then you’ll like Tsipouro. When it was initially prepared in the 14th century by monks, it was regarded as a drink of the masses who could not afford more expensive spirits. Today it is very much the opposite because it is extensively distilled with herbs like anise and water for a premium flavor and powerful aroma. You want to take this in shots as an evening opener.



A drink somewhat similar to Tsipouro is Rakomelo. They have some commonalities. Both originated from Crete, Greece, were trendy beverages from the Aegean Islands, and were produced from grapes. Tsipouro is a critical ingredient in Rakomelo, and It is combined with honey, cinnamon, and other herbs. Rakomelo continues in an age-old tradition of being a homemade alcoholic beverage with numerous benefits. The anise-flavored drink is proven to treat sore throats. So, whenever you visit Greek households, chances are Rakomelo would be served during dinner.



Mastika or Masticha is the traditional liquor of the Chios Island of Greece. Internationally, it is known as Masticha of Chios and is getting excellent patronage across Europe. Besides being a tasty beverage, it is known to have all the therapeutic benefits of the Mastic shrub tree found in Chios. Interestingly, this shrub is found only on the island of Chios in Greece. This adds no small amount to the exclusivity of Masticha. To extract the unique flavor of the Mastic tree, the resin is drawn out from the bark, let to crystalize, and then distilled with alcohol. Afterward, it is diluted with water, sweetened, and then bottled. Enjoy the herbal-pine-tasting Masticha alone or as part of a cocktail.


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