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Pairing Cheese & Wine: All You Need to Know

Nothing beats the combination of wine and cheese; knowing how to pair them can really up your evening game. When you get the right match, it brings out the best flavors in both, making the whole experience tastier. Here’s a simple guide to help you pair wine and cheese like a professional so you can enjoy your next glass of wine even more.

Enhances Aromas

Knowing why wine and cheese make such a perfect pair is vital. It all comes down to their aromas. Both wine and cheese have unique smells that can mingle excitingly when combined. It might be the sweetness of the wine complementing the creamy cheese or vice versa.

Pair With The Seasons

Consider matching your wine and cheese to the season when you’ll be enjoying them. In the summer, opt for lighter wines and fresher cheeses—for instance, a delicate rosé pairs wonderfully with fresh goat cheese. In contrast, in winter, go for a robust red wine that complements heartier cheeses like cheddar. You can also use local farmers’ markets to discover what cheeses are in season and pair accordingly.

Focus On Wine Or Cheese

The best way to practice pairing wine and cheese is to focus on one or the other. To enjoy a light white wine, research what cheese goes with it and pair from there. If you can’t pass up the new cheese from your local cheese store, buy it and research what wine type will bring out its flavors. It’s a fun way to learn about the wine you are drinking and the cheese you are eating while bringing out the flavor of both.

Serve Cheese At Room Temperature

Before uncorking your bottle of wine, remember to take your cheese out of the refrigerator. Cheeses are best served at room temperature when paired with wine for optimal enjoyment. Allowing them to reach room temperature will make their flavors develop and shine fully.

Trust Your Palette

Everyone’s palate is unique, and what delights one person might not appeal to another. When selecting your wine and cheese pairings, go with what you enjoy. If you love brie, pair it with a light, crisp wine like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Trusting your palate and savoring the flavors you love will enhance your tasting experience, allowing you to appreciate them even more.

Wine and Cheese in Back Bay 

There’s so much to discover about pairing wine and cheese, but these tips provide an excellent starting point. You’ll be hooked once you experience how they complement each other and enhance flavors. Feel free to visit us at Krasi—we’re here to help you pair your favorite wine with your favorite cheeses.

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