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Wine Spotlight: Agiorgitiko Troupis PDO Nemea 2019

Wine Spotlight: Agiorgitiko Troupis PDO Nemea 2019

November 9, 2021

When Anya Taylor-Joy, Timothée Chalamet and I get together, lay by the fire, playing chess and reading “Dune”, this is what we drink. This wine has grace and class, just like the two of them. (I did get Timmy-boy drunk on Tsipouro once, it was not classy at all, no sir) Vinified entirely in amphorae, this wine has real strength but never is ponderous, fat, or clumsy. Dark fruit, earth, spice, and an herbal/floral quality that makes this wine truly unique in the Agiorgitiko world. Come by Krasi and I’ll pour you a glass and tell you about the time Anya foolishly tried the ‘Albin Counter Gambit’ against me.

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