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On Wine with Oenofilos, Pappou, and the Simple Country Sommelier.

Musings from Schizophrenic Wine Director Evan D. Turner

Welcome Greek Wine Neophytes!

Welcome Greek Wine Neophytes!

October 1, 2021

Dear Greek Wine Neophyte,

You have obviously wandered over here to this dark and sultry corner of the Krasi website to learn more about Greek wine and other Krasi topics that are wine related. I promise that if you become a regular, learning will occur. Whether it is about Greek wine or not, I cannot guarantee.

First, a bit about me: I am Evan Turner, and when I’m not a long-haul trucker for Target, I am the Wine Director for Krasi. A decision the owners regret at least twice a day. If it is wine related at the restaurant, I do it. If you hate a new wine by the glass? My fault. Think the quotes on the wine list are foolish? My fault. Need thirty cases of wine stuck into various corners of the restaurant? Call me. I teach the staff, help our lovely guest drink fun things, I am the Dionysus of Back Bay.

Okay, now my bosses, after making the foolish error of hiring me, made another: upon coming back from a lovely vacation in Greece, they thought it would be delightful to give me a corner of the website to say and do what I please. So, to my bosses, fasten your seat belts, the ride is going to get rough.

I have been a sommelier for decades, and all that time I have been a Greek wine fanatic. Yes, a sommelier for decades. Three decades to be precise. I am old, that is why all the folks around here call me “Pappou”, which is “Grandpa” in Greek. I don’t really like it. I would do something about it, but I am too tired and grumpy about other crap to care. While you’re at it, get off my lawn.

Anywho, I had the amazing pleasure of living in Greece from the age of eleven to seventeen. It changed my life. I can still recall the very first meal I had there, remember visiting a winery for the first time there, and even still love Retsina (I know, I know) because of the wonderful memories I have drinking it with family and friends. Greece made me a better person and for that I am eternally grateful.

So, to return that gratitude, I have spent my entire professional career extolling the virtues of Greek wine. From Liatiko on Crete, to Vertzami on Lefkada, I have sung its praises. From Xinomavro in Naoussa, to Savatiano right outside of Athens, I have been Greek wines number one hype man.

So, stay tuned for a lot, and I mean a lot of hype. On here I will post brief tasting notes, full-blown articles on specific regions, grape varieties, and wineries. I will keep you up to date on what is happening at Krasi wine-wise: additions to the wine list, fun wines I will be opening for just a few days, and the bigger events like wine tastings and dinners we have coming. We will have an area where you can submit questions and comments. I will reply with a lot of snark and sarcasm, but I will reply. There will be video posts on Greek wines, sometimes it will not be me (you will see) but I promise that all the information and content will be fun, sometimes a bit crazy and irreverent, but it will certainly leave you knowing more about just how glorious Greek wine is.

So, there you have it, in this corner of krasiboston.com, the inmates are running the asylum. Now let’s learn about Greek wine and give ownership a nervous breakdown. Who’s with me?



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