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On Wine with Oenofilos, Pappou, and the Simple Country Sommelier.

Musings from Schizophrenic Wine Director Evan D. Turner



October 16, 2023

If you want to feel like you are on the set of “Mamma Mia” while drinking wine, Moschofilero is the way
to do it. This wine will put you on a beach with the sounds of ABBA soaring through your head. The fact
that Moschofilero can do that is impressive seeing that it comes from a land locked area up in a
mountainous region in the Peloponnesos, Mantinia. Mantinia has its vineyards located at 2000 feet and
even higher in elevation which allows for a glorious, long growing season that brings exotic aromas and
bracing acidity to this heavenly grape.

With Moschofilero it is all about the glorious aromatics. The perfumes that soar out of the glass will
make your knees buckle. Jasmine, lemongrass, rosewater, orange blossom, and citrus explode in a
cornucopia of scents. The mind scrambles to keep up with the fragrances wafting into one’s nose. What
is truly entertaining about Moschofilero is that the wine smells as if it will be sweet but ends up being a
dry wine with minerality that sings from the rooftops. The wine is a schizophrenic dream of a sweet
bouquet and a dry palate that is light and airy. No wine should do this, but Moschofilero does while
carrying a smirk on its mouth. If you enjoy a state of confusion while sipping on your wine, Moschofilero
is the way to go.

So you may be asking, why is chaos so appealing when it comes to wine? Isn’t a sense of purpose and
control more intoxicating? Shouldn’t wine be more uniform in style? No. Wines that operate out of the
box have a romance and an energy that is mesmerizing.

The other wonderful thing about Moschofilero: diversity. Moschofilero is a “grey” or “pink” grape,
meaning it is capable of making exciting roses or in radical cases light reds if enough skin contact with
the juice is provided. These wines are aromatic wonders with structure and tannins to boot, making
them so of the most unique wines you will ever sample.

So embrace this quirky and rare grape, you will not regret it. Moschofilero is the wine for the wild, the
free. As ABBA would say, Take a Chance on Me.

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