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On Wine with Oenofilos, Pappou, and the Simple Country Sommelier.

Musings from Schizophrenic Wine Director Evan D. Turner



March 1, 2022

Ah Retsina, the wine your parents warned you about. Yes, Retsina is wine that has added pine resin for flavor and yes, that sounds scary. But hold on a second, think about all the flavored alcohol you drink: Vermouth, a zillion Vodkas, Rum, White Claw. So stop being afraid. Retsina has a history tracing back millennium, it is wine that likely Caesar drank. (Although I do like the story that it was invented in 1940 to turn the Nazis off Greek wine during World War Two)

The wine has had a checkered past to be sure but name a wine that hasn’t. Chianti was considered swill for years, Riesling from Germany. Ever hear of Blue Nun? Most of American wine was treated as trash until the late 70’s. Austria got caught adding antifreeze to wine in the 80’s. Not sure about you but I’ll take all-natural pine resin in my wine over something you buy at AutoZone. Frankly modern Retsinas like the organic and biodynamic ones we serve at Krasi are subtle, diverse, and in some cases taste like fabulous Gin. Retsina is also fantastic with food. It has this glorious mix of salinity and citrus that makes it fantastic with everything from fresh green salads to grilled meats. Try fried foods with Retsina, you will have your family thanking my family for generations for the suggestion. So be brave, be adventurous. Come by Krasi and be the person at the table who drinks the wine so cool it intimidates hipsters. And remember, don’t panic.

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