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A New Year’s resolution you can actually keep: drink more Greek wine

A New Year’s resolution you can actually keep: drink more Greek wine

January 5, 2022

New Year’s resolutions are a joke. Yup, I said it. Of course, I’m only saying what you’re all thinking. “I’ll lose weight this year.” No, you won’t. “I resolve to be kinder.” You are already meaner than the Grinch and you will get meaner because as you age that’s what you do. “I’m going to read more.” Memes and twitter do not count as “reading”. We both know you are not finishing Pride and Prejudice this year so just stop it.

The success rate for sticking to a New Year’s resolution is lower than getting into Harvard. Now I know some of you reading this attend or have attended Harvard. Who cares? You aren’t sticking to your resolutions either.

I would like to suggest a resolution you can easily keep: “I’m going to drink more Greek wine in 2022.” Now this will be contrary to the resolution, “I am going to drink less.” but we clearly know that with the state that the world is in, nobody is ever drinking less. At least this way you can say, “I may be a booze hound but at least I’m drinking cool shit” If you are going to get day drunk on the regular, might I suggest doing it on Moschofilero and not White Claw.

Greek wine is fascinating, delicious, and frankly not super expensive so you can really explore and learn about wines that are unique in the wine world and steeped in history. Additionally, learning the names of Greek grapes will help you properly pronounce the next strain of the Corona virus.

Whether you buy Greek wines retail (like at Krasi, ahem) or try them at a restaurant, (shameless plug: come to Krasi for Symposium Wednesday. I am behind the bar pouring unique wines until at least 9pm.) you are guaranteed to have wines that will transport you to the glorious nation that gave us wine culture and now today is experiencing a wine renaissance like no other.

Resolutions fail, face it. At least this one gives you a fighting chance to keep and is delicious to maintain.

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