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2023, A Year in Greek Wine.

2023, A Year in Greek Wine.

December 18, 2023

So another year has run its course and this is the time of year to remember, give thanks, assess, and of course look forward to a new year with bright opportunities and new horizons. In general, it is a thrilling time of year. Here at Krasi, we had a wonderful year serving fabulous guests glorious Greek wines. It was a blast and we can’t wait to do it again in 2024 with new wines, new vintages, with both returning and new guests. The wine will be flowing, come and take a taste.

This year was replete with great wines. A few worth mentioning were:

Magoutes Xinomavro “Vieille Vignes” PGI Siatista 2021. This was an absolutely stunning “Blanc de Noirs” style wine from a producer that made a line up of wines that were mind-blowing in 2023. Xinomavro is a red grape capable of making incredible white wines and this likely the best example I have ever had. It was packed with flavor, not from oak or manipulation but from precise grape growing and graceful winemaking. If a wine can make you say, “Da-yum”, this is that wine.

Karanikia Xinomavro/Assyrtiko Sparkling “Cuvee Speciale” PDO Amyndeon 2019. A sparkling wine that also counts as a “Blanc de Noirs”, this was the best bubbly wine I had all year. Made in a super dry, “Extra Brut” style, this biodynamic wonder was so delicious it might be illegal in some states.

Garalis Muscat of Alexandria “Terra Ambera” PDO Lemnos 2022. 2023 was the year of the Orange wine. Terra Ambera was the best orange wine of the year. Does that make it the wine of the year? I am not sure but this wine had more buzz than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, trust me.

Nerantzi Koniaros PGI Serres 2015. This was the red wine of 2023 for me. It was bonkers delicious, hard to keep around, made every guest stand up and take notice, and in general put a smile on everyone’s faces. It was the “Barbie” movie in wine form.

So, those are few wines I loved in 2023. I feel bad leaving others off any “List” I may create but some had to be mentioned so there you have it. 2023 was a memorable year that I will miss but I am stoked to see what 2024 brings in Greek wine, hopefully you are too.

I’ll leave you with this: Drink lots of delightful, diverse, downright delicious wines in 2024. If you make most of them Greek, you will be halfway there!

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