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How To Properly Wine Taste With Krasi

Wine tasting is a sensory experience that involves all of our senses and goes beyond simple sipping. Here is a step-by-step instruction manual on how to taste wine correctly. 


Pick the right glass & check the appearance.

In a sizable, pick a clear glass with a long stem. The broad bowl of the glass allows scents to go from the wine to your mouth, and the long stem prevents your hand from warming the wine. Pour a little wine. Refrain from filling the glass; we recommend a finger’s breadth or about 40cl. Now tilt the glass and hold it above a white object to inspect its appearance. For instance, you might see a fading red with an orange or brown color at the rim. Also, deep color in whites may indicate age or result from oak aging.


Look out for the smell & taste.

Put your nose in and take a few deep breaths. To help your olfactory system function better, do this while keeping your mouth open. Avoid taking deep breaths since you risk numbing your taste senses. Buttery and yeasty aromas are due to fermentation and may indicate the growth of dead yeast cells during wine aging. Because grapes are naturally acidic, all wines will contain some sourness due to climate and wine variety. For example, Pinot Grigio is noted for its bitterness, which has a refreshing, tonic-water-like flavor. Some white table wines retain a small amount of their grape sugars, naturally giving them an additional layer of sweetness.


Document your result

Take time to reflect after tasting a wine before going on to the next one. While they are still fresh, jot down your initial thoughts, such as ” dryness combined with an earthy, yeasty flavor…” Reset your palate with water, crackers, or fruit if experiencing strong wines.


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Every stage of the wine tasting contributes to the wine’s character, from the visual enticement of the color to the alluring smells that dance from the glass to the flavor that emerges on our palates. Krasi offers a wide range of high-quality wines, ranging from red and white to rosé. Visit us today to indulge in a glass of wine and delicious dessert.

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