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Five Popular Greek Spirits in Boston Back Bay

Greece is a country known for its exquisite cuisine and rich history. When walking the streets of Greece or eating a meal, you are more or less immersing yourself in years of history. And this goes all the way down to their liquor. After enjoying one of their meals, having a Greek spirit is an entirely different experience, as it takes you on an adventure into their culture and history. What’s more astonishing is that no two Greek shades are created equal. If you can’t reach Greece, try these Greek spirits at Krasi in Back Bay of Boston, MA. 

So, to hop on this adventure, check out five popular Greek spirits you must try. Let’s take a look. 


This iconic Greek spirit is popularly known as the national drink of Greece. There’s no surprise here, as it has been around as far back as the monks in the 14th century. It also has an entire museum dedicated to it. When you go out for a meal in Greece, you’re most likely to encounter this anis-flavored drink, as Greeks use it to cleanse their palates before a meal. 


This famous Greek spirit is served to welcome guests or alongside meze. Some attribute the history of this spirit to a drink called Trimma. But officially, the drink originated from the monasteries of Mount Athos centuries ago. Like Raki, this spirit is made from grapes harvested but not used for wine. It’s also similar to Ouzo in that it can be anise-flavored. 


The Cretan Raki, formerly Tsikoudia, is a popular Greek spirit, especially in Crete. While Ouzo is Greece’s national drink, Raki is Crete’s. So, whenever you visit any Cretan household, you’ll get a chance to get a taste of Raki after your meal. This Greek spirit is made from crushed grape skins during winemaking.

Mastika (Masticha)

Originating from the Greek island of Chios, Mastika is one of the most versatile and popular Greek spirits worldwide. Besides being an excellent beverage to drink alongside grilled meals, this Greek spirit is also said to have healing properties. The liquor contains mastic, which the Greeks use to cure an upset stomach and bad breaths. 


Metaxa was created in 1988 by a Greek called Spyros Metaxa. The popularity of this Greek spirit could be said to be because of the legend that it was the first alcoholic beverage consumed in space. Then, I guess it’s no surprise that this liquor gives an “out of this world” experience at every drink.

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